Penang Hill

Penang Hill located in Air Itam, which is around 6 kilometres Penang George Town.  It also known as “Bukit Bendera” in Malay. The hill is around 830 meter above sea level which make the weather much more cooler than town. Beside enjoying the cool weather there are few attraction at Penang Hill such as a 32 pounder cannon which probably transported from town to hill as an ornament or to warn the presence of pirates, viewing deck which you can enjoy the view of Penang island, flora and fauna, a small bird park, owl museum and more.

There is no worry on food and beverage at Penang Hill as there as a food court and a very nice restaurant call David Brown’s. David Brown’s located at strawberry hill on top of Penang Hill,they provides fine dining, buffet etc and they do have package for special day such as Valentine, Mother’s day etc. On the way going up to David Brown’s restaurant, there are a small bar call sky terrace which allow you to have some nice beverages while enjoying view.

If you like the weather there, you can actually stay at the hotel there. There is a hotel call “Bellevue Hotel” and they have a small garden for you to enjoy night view as well. There are also a lot of heritage building such as temple and some of the resident houses.

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