Chowrasta Market

Chowrasta Market is one of the famous market Penang Road. Is also known as “Kelinga Ban San” in hokkien which also mean “Indian Market” due to it history. The age of the market is more than 120 years. Its a nice place for tourist as you can find a lot of famous Penang food and local products there.

One of the famous food along the street is the “Poh Piah Skin” (spring roll wrapper). They use it to wrap a lot of different ingredient and eat together.

Walking along the street beside Chowrasra Market, you can find a lot of thing to buy and there is a corner for you to have breakfast of Penang food such as “Kuih-Kak”, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Dim Sum and more.

Inside there market, they have wedt and dry market which selling seafood, meat, vegetables etc. And also dry food such as salted fish which is also famous food here.

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